Welcome to my site, I am a healing facilitator, blogger and founder of Spiral Release Bodywork®.

My services:

Spiritual Mentoring

Spiritual mentoring has resulted from years of work with clients during Spiral Release Bodywork sessions and my own personal growth over the years. I have found that my ability to aid my clients with difficult issues, personal growth and living life more fully often becomes a part of our work together. As more and more clients appreciated and benefited from this help, I felt guided to offer this spiritual support as a service. Read More

Spiral Release Bodywork®

I founded Spiral Release Bodywork in 2000. This modality is unique and is done fully clothed. Using special equipment and body positions allow for greater access not found on a traditional massage table. I have practiced bodywork since 1988. Read More

Pellowah Energy Healing©

Pellowah is an energy technique which is very helpful on the emotional and spiritual levels. Over the years, I have studied several different energy techniques. Pellowah is the first one that I have offered to my clients as a service. In addition, it can be done as distance healing so anyone in the world can receive benefit from this modality. Read More


Writing is one of my favorite pastimes. I love to write on my blog about personal and spiritual growth. Often a fresh perspective can change how we interact with the world and open up new possibilities for living the life we want. In addition, find a collection of my original quotes and tweets under the category of Original Quotes. This option is available down the page in the right column. Visit my blog page.