The Color of Truth

Is truth absolute? Is it black and white, can it be or is it grey sometimes? Can it even be something we never considered like purple? Can one person have one truth and another person have a different truth about the very same thing? Let’s take something simple, how about the color of a dollar bill. Would you say it is green, if asked? Most people would, however, in reality it is several colors including some gold on new bills. There was a time when the earth was flat or so that truth went until it was shown to be no longer true.

Wars have been fought over truth: I am right, therefore you are wrong. And where has this led us? It is still going on. Who decides what the truth is: is it a group, individual consensus or both, and does morality play a role in truth?

Like the dollar bill, how much of our lives do we live saying the color of our life is green when actually it is many different colors? In addition, how many people believe what they are saying is true in order to perpetuate a story that they have created for their own lives, and we believed it to be true or at least wanted too. Like the example of weapons of mass destruction: how many people believed this to be true, while another whole group did not believe it? At the time when it first happened, which group was right and how many people fought over their truth because they were right?

As many of you know, I was a practicing alcoholic for many years. I can recall thinking that everyone drank like me. Of course, everyone I hung out with did, so at some point I believed the whole world drank like me. That was my truth, and in some crazy way it helped me continue my drinking. It was not until I could see it from a different perspective that I saw a different truth. That not everyone drank like me and that I did not have to either. Therefore I can understand how people can get themselves into a situation where they believe that what they are doing is for the greater good. Then they will say or do what they have to, to keep their truth alive, and morality will often be left behind.

I have noticed that the older I get, the more conscious I become. What I may have believed to be true before is no longer true. In addition, what I see in the world as far as how we live and operate also changes. Let me give you an example of what I am talking about from a TV show. Now I realize it is not a real world example but I do believe that this type of thing occurs all the time in the real world. Color me sometimes disappointed.

The show is a legal drama, and during this particular episode the plaintiff was suing a drug company. The plaintiff attorneys had reason to believe that the defense may have bribed one of the jurors. They went to the judge but did not have enough proof so he allowed the trial to continue and said it could be handled in appeals if the proof was found later. Well when the verdict was read the plaintiff won. The bribery was not proved and in fact was shown later to have never happened on the defendant’s side; however, one of the attorneys on the plaintiff’s side found out their client had actually been the one to bribe the juror. When she went to the lead attorney on the case and told her, her response was that the judge found no legal grounds during the trial and so they had no obligations to share this new information. Then she said, “Sometimes it’s right and sometimes it’s wrong but we always follow the law.”

Isn’t it funny how we can find a way to justify our actions when it fits our desires or needs — in this case to use what is legal instead of what is morally right. How many times have we done this in our own lives or seen someone else justify their actions instead of making the moral choice. When the truth is twisted to fit the need of the person rather than the moral obligations to others then of course we are all headed down a slippery slope.

When we can begin to reach beyond our conditioned self and beliefs, we can begin to create the world we want. It starts by each one of us questioning what we believe to be true in our own lives and what is taking place in the world around us. It requires effort on our part to continue to heal, to let go of our past conditioning and to become more aware each day. This is not an easy journey but one that offers many blessings. Each change we make in our own lives has an effect on everyone else– if not directly then on an energetic level. And if everything is energy as the current truth goes then we are changing the world by changing ourselves.  Let us continue our journey together.
Edited by Elaine Baskin

3 thoughts on “The Color of Truth

  1. Thank you Tim. I have heard that each of us has a separate reality. With the thoughts we have, that we believe, our reality appears true to us and is separate to us according to our own thoughts. With this knowledge it is easier for me to see why people act differently according to their believed thoughts. This is all on the basis of thought. I know that beneath thought, we are each a divine being.


  2. Tim,
    I recently attended a lecture with Bruce Orion. He made an interesting analogy that sort of goes along with your post. He said in this country, if you sleep with your wife’s sister, it is immoral, but if you go to another country where this is common practice, it is now moral. He gave several examples of this.
    How can we say something is moral, immoral, lucky, unlucky or the truth?–we can’t. It’s all just how you look at things.


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