Remembering Mom and Dad at Christmas

I started this blog just a few weeks before my Dad turned ill last year. As many of you know, I lost both my parents and had knee surgery from a torn meniscus during the past year. Certainly not how I planned for 2010 to go. However, as we all have or will experience life does not always go as planned.

I was going through some cards and found the Christmas card I had bought my parent last year and had never given them. It brought back fond memories of Christmases past like the time I wanted a go-cart.

Well I got one, but this one did not quite fulfill my 6?-year-old expectations. The one I wanted had a gas-powered engine and this one unfortunately was kid powered, you know peddle driven. Well in my disgust, I walked up, gave it a good kick, and expressed my displeasure. Obviously, I was too young for a gas-powered go-cart but like most parents, they went out of their way to try to fulfill my wishes. We had a few good laughs over the years about my antics that day.


Know how blessed you are to still have your parents in your life and let them know it this holiday season and throughout the year.

Love is the light

in the windows of home—

Oh what a beautiful sight!

It sparkles with memories of you,

Mom and Dad,

And the Christmases you’ve made so bright.

Love is the light

In your welcoming smiles,

The light of your kindness and care.

It beams even brighter with every year

And every new memory we share.

Love is the light

In the windows of home,

Warmly it glows all year through

For love is the light

That forever will shine

In the hearts of two parents like you!


4 thoughts on “Remembering Mom and Dad at Christmas

  1. Tim, I see that having them in your life for as long as you did gives you and has made you a most comforting individual, I want to tell you that often I have read your comments and thoughts that you have posted, and I continue to see that you have become a man with great thoughts that are very intelligent and many times I have thought that I would really like to have some conversations with you. Just so you know.. Your writing is evidence of your character and I am sure that your parents were quite proud of the man you have become.


  2. I would like to reiterate Dena’s comments

    Tim, I too lost both of my parents in the same year. It is hard to explain what a foundation they are in our life. Then, they are gone & we realize so much.

    Forgiveness, Love, Blessings, all within the heartache of loss. Replaced by the Wisdom, Strength, & Love that they imbued in us.

    Thank you for the Love & Light that you are to All of us. You make them proud. Many Blessings to you.


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