The question was asked of me is life meant to be a struggle?

Royce first you need to look at where struggle comes from; it is a perception about something that is happening that we do not like. We begin to resist and when we resist something, it persists and intensifies therefore we create struggle.

Once we change our perception about the situation the struggle falls away and we often have a light bulb moment. Everyone has experienced this in relationship break-ups, lost jobs or other life events. The key is to begin to see the situation for what it is as its happening and not resist the NOW.

I believe an enlightened state is the ability to do this in the moment with every situation. As R David said, this can happen even when things are going well. So once you have the clarity that you are struggling ask yourself how can I see the truth in this situation. Pray/ask for a change of perception to see that truth.

Once you change your perception the struggle will release. Moreover, realize this is a process and it does not happen overnight for most people. However, it will happen at the perfect pace for you because everything is in perfect order, ALWAYS. OK, I admit it is not always easy to see, but that is a perception too.

You already know how to do this, you just need to remember it in every situation that arises where struggle could arise. Change your perception and change your experience. Change your experience and change the outcome. Change the outcome and life becomes the river that you flow with instead of an upstream struggle.

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