One thing I know for sure…

…and have personal experience with is that in every life experience, particularly the ones where we struggle the most, is our greatest opportunity for growth and change. It is our greatest opportunity to reconnect and strengthen our spiritual connection.

We can influence the outcome of these experiences by developing our awareness, changing our attitude, perception, intention and taking action during these shifts in consciousness. The outcome is not always what we expect, however, it is just what we need to experience to effect the greatest change for our highest good. If we change our perception about the experience, importance of outcome is no longer influenced by the ego, but now comes from the heart, directly from spirit.

If we change our perception about the experience then the experience we have changes. Allowing us to receive the true healing and learning from the experience. Once you have made this shift, how you see your life and the world is forever changed.

3 thoughts on “One thing I know for sure…

  1. Hi Tim. I appreciate this post as I am entering back into western medicine after 15 years away….. managing the hep c virus with alternative medicine/lifestyle.
    At this time, to my knowledge I am not “ill” but my geno- type 1b now has an new protocol of treatment with an 80% cure rate and a 24 week course.
    I have made a choice to free-fall into treatment and I use the word free-fall for it is unclear where and how I may land, yet the potential of landing without a liver disease is of great significance. I found your post to be inspiring as I move with choice. My perception must not sway from the gratitude I must maintain that in fact, I now have options! Thanks for writing.
    I wish you great health and look froward to your future post. Thanks


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