Are we Doomed?

A competition-based society like the one we live in today is doomed to fail. Why, because the value of the one cannot outweigh the value of the whole if we want to survive. The esoteric idea that we are all connected or that we are all one is no longer just some mystical or new age thought. Its validity is being proven through science. Therefore, if we continue to follow our current path in the pursuit of getting more and more stuff, more and more money then we will most definitely parish by the way of our own deeds. It is not that these things are inherently evil or that we cannot have them, but it comes down to who is driving the bus. Do we let our deluded must have thinking continue to guide us down the path of self-destruction or do we step back into the driver’s seat and self correct our destination. We are reaching a crucial point of choice for our very survival and the survival of our children. What will you choose?

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