What If?

I had a dream last night and in the dream, I was teaching my work. Before we start I asked, are there any questions? A student raised their hand and said how long will it take to learn this work? I said, interesting question and I will answer that in a second, but first let me ask you a question. What part of your being asked that question? Moreover, why is it asking that? Have you ever wondered how long it will take to learn something and then talk yourselves out of even starting, without even knowing the answer?

What if we did know the answer, would we do it if it took a month, a year, a lifetime? What is our motivation for starting to learn something? Is there a passion for your desire so that no matter how long it takes you will show up, you will do the work. On the other hand, is it, well if it takes that long I will just do something else? Do you find a way to talk yourself out of it? Who is doing that talking anyway? It surely is not that part of you that had the desire. Who is in charge?

If I meditate how long will it take me to reach enlightenment? If I date this person, will we fall in love and be married forever? If I go to the gym how long will it take me to lose this weight? Are these the questions of our soul or something else at work? Do these types of questions often stop us in our tracks before we even start?

What if we just start the journey without question and follow our guidance, our intuition, that deeper yearning of the soul. What if we just show up for life and do what is next. Just go on the date. Just go to the gym. Just meditate without expectation. What if we just follow our soul’s desire and see what happens. What if we let that little voice just take a rest? What if we use our fears and insecurities to create what we want instead of holding us back? What if?

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