Awaken to Suffering

Suffering is caused by the misperception that something in our lives is out of our control. It is rooted in fear, followed by resistance from what we believe is happening. In these situations, we often mask our suffering by turning to an indulgence. This choice only offers us a false sense of well-being and is temporary. This is recognized by paying attention to how we feel after our indulgence.

Once we begin to awaken, we become more aware and can recognize when we are making choices that are not for our highest good.

The next time you feel the need to indulge to dull your suffering, pay attention to how you feel after the indulgence; notice what takes place. Once you begin to feel the suffering, it actually will lead you to a greater awakened state. From this new state, you will be able to stop the behavior. Remember this usually does not happen immediately and requires vigilant attentiveness.

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