Short and Sweet #3 – Finding Stillness

“You cannot create stillness, just be receptive to it, it is always there like the sun obscured by the clouds. Reaching this stillness is not about doing, it is about letting go. The noise of the world permeates our minds. This is why you have trouble meditating and being in the moment. You are trying to create something that already exists. You just need to let go and fall into the stillness of the Divine. When we show up without judgment or expectation the stillness will arrive one day just like the clouds parting to reveal the sun. This will happen in its own time, not yours. Then you will fall deeply into the stillness and the arms of the Divine. Life becomes easier when we stop trying to make things happen and we allow the guidance of the Divine to be revealed. So just show up each day, take a seat and wait to see what happens. Slow down!”

2 thoughts on “Short and Sweet #3 – Finding Stillness

  1. Thank you for this post, Tim. As a 2013 enrollee into the “Graduate School of Present-Moment Awareness,” it is a reminder to us all to still our minds of the incessant chatter that prevents us from tapping into the beauty of who we really are. It is in the stillness that I find the empowering answers that I seek.

    Have a great day!


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