Short and Sweet #9 – Starting the Journey

Are you aware that you are already on your spiritual path? You do not need to wait for the perfect conditions or something to change in your life to start. You do not have to live in an ashram, become a monk or priest, read spiritual books or even understand more before you start. You just need to start wherever you are and the right conditions will come to you. Listen to your inner guidance and realize that you do not have to be certain every step of the way. Do you trust the Divine; have you lost your faith? If you cannot walk in some darkness now and then, you have stepped off the path. So let go of your fear and continue for once you are on the path there is no getting off without great suffering.

2 thoughts on “Short and Sweet #9 – Starting the Journey

    • Thank you for your comment. Perhaps in hindsight you can see that your fear awakened you to the spiritual path you were already traveling. Pain and fear are two of our greatest teachers if we embrace them instead of resisting them.


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