Short and Sweet #11 – Begin NOW

We are all hiding who we are from one another and ourselves. How do we expect to share our true self with everyone else if we cannot even do it with ourselves? This is not an easy task but be sure that it is required for our survival on this planet. I mean literally! What do I need to let go of to live my personal best. How does that look, and more importantly what does it feel like. Your soul is calling out to you to start now, not when things are somehow different. The shifts may be subtle but the soul will guide from the heart. Listen quietly for this divine guidance.

2 thoughts on “Short and Sweet #11 – Begin NOW

  1. “It is but your thoughts that bring you fear,and your deliverance depends upon you.”

    “Every single statement you make about yourself, to your friend or even to yourself becomes the truth. If you want a better future, speak of it, picture it, say it to others. Only you can create for yourself what you want. It is the greatest power, honor and gift you have ever been given.”


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