Short and Sweet #12 – Taking100% Responsibility

Begin to ask yourself these kinds of questions. Do I see an abundant universe or one that is scarce? Do I feel joy most of the time or fear? Many will respond verbally with one answer but when they quiet the mind will hear the opposite. This is why we end up arriving at a very different place than we intended in life. You may want to blame your circumstances, a person or some event, but it is only when we begin to take 100 percent responsibility for everything that our lives begin to change. Blame no one including yourself and wake up to the fact that you need to think differently if you want to change your life. Develop your awareness, become quiet and listen; you will begin to hear the truth.

2 thoughts on “Short and Sweet #12 – Taking100% Responsibility

  1. “Every situation in your life is a learning experience created by your soul to teach you how to gain more love and power.”

    “You will find greater inner peace when you do not need others to act in a certain way, to be happy yourself.”


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