Short and Sweet #16 – The Human Body

Did you know that when you resist something in life that it can create energetic blocks in the body. These energetic blocks then manifest into physical form creating tightness or hardness in the body. In addition, these blocks are part of an energetic program and play in the background as the operating system does on your computer. Energetic blocks can be created by any emotion or experience that is not properly processed through the body. So why should you care about this? These programs affect how we operate in the world. For example, a relative or friend says something to you and it triggers you to react in a certain way and not respond appropriately. The program is triggered because of something that happened to you years ago and now automatically plays when you are treated a certain way or hear a certain word. To release or erase these programs we have to become more aware. If you do not know the programs is there how can you erase it. So first, develop your awareness or work with a modality that can help you release the programs like Spiral Release. There are many ways to become more aware such as meditation, certain types of bodywork, yoga and music. So begin to realize that your body is a very important part of your spiritual progress here on the planet and let it begin to teach you.

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