Short and Sweet #17 – Be Willing

Yesterday in #16 I briefly talked about how energetic blocks are caused in the body and then manifested into physical form. Did you know that these blocks often try to stop your healing or spiritual progress? Many of us at some point in our lives experience the fear of death. I have noticed through my work that these patterns also experience this fear. The pattern then tries to get you to stop what you are doing because they do not want to die. Their attempts come through our thoughts, emotions and pain. For example, you might hear, this is too hard or it is not working and a waste of time. You may feel fear or other emotions that lead you to think about stopping and then of course there is pain. Often our first thought when we experience pain is to stop or shutdown in some way. The people who are willing to move through these experiences get the best results by fully feeling and embracing what is happening. Shutting down, resisting, not experiencing your feelings are all ways of denying what is and lead you from Divinity to suffering.

One thought on “Short and Sweet #17 – Be Willing

  1. “Undisciplined and uncontrolled emotions disturb their blood stream and glandular system and that this eventually produces minor and later major ailments.”


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