Short and Sweet #18 – Pain

I was once told I would live the rest of my life in pain. I remember that day very clearly, who wouldn’t! Yet I can say today the doctor who told me that was wrong. Priority number one do not always believe what you are told because once you do that becomes your reality. Do your home work and follow your inner guidance. Learning to see my pain as my teacher instead of my enemy was not easy, but I can tell you that one shift has completely changed my life. Now 41 years later after my first injury at 16, I can say that pain is one of my greatest spiritual teachers. Once we can change our perception about pain our experience during it changes and this is true with all things in life. Your pain will guide you and teach you many things that will help you live a better life. Just be open to it and stop resisting. If you are experiencing any kind of pain in your life now let me assure you the very thing you despise will lead you to your healing if you let it. Can you take a deep breath and let go? If not, what are you afraid of that keeps you from letting go? If you keep resisting, things will only become more painful and you will be stuck where you are for the rest of this life. You can do this, just trust that the Divine has your back. No pun intended and you will be OK. We are never alone and we are never left to suffer. This only occurs when we have lost our way and forgotten that the Divine conspires for us, not against us.

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