Short and Sweet #19 – Vibration

In #16 and 17, I spoke about energetic blocks. Once we recognize that all life is energy, then we can realize and even sense or feel that everything has its own vibration. Vibration is the interconnectedness of all that exist. When a vibration becomes denser, it turns into matter. Without this vibration, we would not be able to see the flowers, trees or anything in the physical world. Even a rock has a vibration. Spirit and matter are not separate; therefore, God is in all things not just spirit but matter as well. The difference is that the vibration of spirit is much finer than the gross vibration of matter. When we let go of physical and emotional energetic blocks our vibration will raise and you will even feel lighter physically. As our vibration rises, we become closer to God because we have removed the denser, heavier vibrations that block our connection to the Divine. We can also experience this in meditation, prayers and other activities that allow us to let go of the grosser material world and connect to the finer vibration of spirit. Perhaps you have experienced this for yourself. If not, just be open to the possibility and begin to tune in to the vibration of all things in life. One day you will feel it and your world will be forever changed. 2-11-14

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