Short and Sweet #20 – Association

In the midst of my alcoholism, I thought everyone drank as I did. Since I spent most of my time with other people who drank too much this became my normal. When we associate ourselves with certain people or activities and then embody this energy, it can begin to consume us. We see our behavior as normal and cannot recognize the dysfunction in our words, deeds and actions. The value of association comes when we expand our awareness enough to recognize what qualities we want to develop in our life. For instance, if you want to be a calmer person then you need to associate with calm people or activities the instill calmness. You cannot continue to hang out with people who are agitated or make you feel agitated. We often think that we are who we are and we cannot change. That change is not possible because it is part of our personality or genes. This is a false assumption and keeps us stuck in delusion. You can create and change whatever you want in life. Begin to believe this and the Divine will help you release whatever is in the way of revealing your full potential.

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