Short and Sweet #21 – True Freedom

The only place that true freedom exists is in the recognition that your spiritual nature is free. All earthly freedoms can be taken away. It is only our spiritual nature that knows no bounds, no difficulties, and sees no threats. When we can embrace this truth and live in this vibration true freedom is finally known. The fluctuating aspects and experiences of life no longer affect our state of being. All talk of balance, peace, happiness and love are no longer needed because we embody the vibration of the Divine. The divine does not have to discuss what it already is and it is up to us to see this within ourselves so that we may experience who we really are instead of chasing life. Whether we are able to make it this far I cannot say for that is up to us. What is important is that we try, we trust and with unbending intention, we never give up. Why, because we have faith and deep inside we know it is true.

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