Short and Sweet #22 – Love, Forgiveness & Gratitude

These three simple words are some of the most potent forces in the Universe. When we can live in the energy of these words, our lives and the world will change, literally. The recognition that we can experience one or all three of these in any situation life brings is life changing. In the midst of pain, we rarely think of gratitude yet we can. In the turmoil of an argument we rarely think of forgiveness or love; however, we can. When we shift our perspective from lower vibrating energies like a loss, hurt, pain, anger or failure to one or more of these higher vibrating words things will change. You might ask, how can I be grateful for pain? This comes from the understanding that pain is not your enemy and is here to teach you something. You can be grateful for the lessons. Many have shared their stories of gratitude for difficult times in hindsight of course, so why not see it in the moment. How can I be loving or forgive when I am in the midst of my anger? Has anger ever brought you peace or made your point right? Begin to look within at why you are angry. Stop pointing to someone or something outside yourself. It is here that you will realize that you need to love, forgive or be grateful and maybe you need all three. You must do this for yourself first and only then offer it to someone else. I will be talking about this more over the next few days and offer a practice that can change your life.

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