Short and Sweet #23 – The Journey

Yesterday in #22, I talked about love, gratitude and forgiveness. In addition, if we change our perspective we can change our experience by using these words in daily action. I also mentioned I would share a practice, which I will do tomorrow but first let’s talk about the journey. Too many of us want the quick fix and we are not willing to do or feel what is necessary to change our lives. If it does not happen in the time that WE think it should happen we are discouraged and quit. We are often talked out of taking action by the very patterns that we want to change, see #17. It has been my experience over the past 26 years that some things can change quickly, however most of the time it requires more time than we think. This requires a change in perspective. We should be looking for what is different and not put so much attention on what remains the same. Remember whatever you are focusing on, you are sending energy to it and that will strengthen it. There are lessons in our pain and suffering and they will not go away until we learn the lesson. By focusing on what is different, we gain insight into our journey and rebuild hope. If you really want to manifest change, then keep your unbending intention to manifest it and never give up. This way you are sending clear messages to the Divine and it will supply all you need to get the lessons and manifest what you need. Just remember that what you need is not always what you want. Eventually what you need will be all that you want but you must raise your vibration to arrive at this place.

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