Short and Sweet #24 – The Practice

Simplicity in creating change is ALWAYS possible. We often think that it has to be hard or complicated and usually we make it difficult on ourselves sometimes even quitting before we start. We question what we are doing whether it is working or not before even giving it a chance, remember the patterns are working on you to get you to stop. When trying something new give it at least 30 to 60 days. If you really want to change then you have to be willing to put the effort and time required to allow your energy to shift. Most of all you have to stay awake and aware. Continue to notice what is different. I recently heard about Ho’oponopono. Based on earlier posts we know that words and thoughts are energy and have creative power in them. I am using four phrases from Ho’oponopono but this is my process I am not teaching Ho’oponopono because I have not studied it. The phrases are, I am sorry, please forgive me and thank you, I love you. These phrases have the energy of forgiveness, love and gratitude. In #22, I spoke of the power of these words. This is so simple you might begin to question whether you are doing it right. All you need to do is repeat the phrases throughout the day as much as possible. You can use just the first two or the last two or combine them. They can be in opposite order like please forgive me I am sorry instead of I am sorry please forgive me. Again, do not complicate this process. You may start by saying one thing and then it will shift to something else, just go with it, do not question or think it is wrong. If you notice for instance that you are judging someone then you can say something like I am sorry for judging please forgive me. None of this has to be said aloud so you can be saying these in any situation. Remember not to beat yourself up if you start noticing you are doing something a lot that you never noticed before. Do not take yourself so seriously. We all have things that we need to release so you are not alone. This showed me just how much I was judging people and I just had to laugh, again really. I am sorry for judging please forgive me. As I continue to do the process, I see more, which gives me the opportunity to let go and change. You may also have something come in like one of mine Thank you for all the blessing that come to me how may I serve you Divine Creator. I love you. This moves energy, allow you to release and raise your vibration. If you want to awaken to your hidden thoughts then try this and let me know what happens.

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