Short and Sweet #26 – Be Kind

I think being kind is one of the simplest things to do and very powerful for everyone involved. Yet sometimes we find it so hard to do. I was in the gym yesterday working out, when I went to the locker room someone had the locker above mine open, which is Murphy’s Law in the locker room. He was an older man and moving slowly so to make it easier I thought I would take my bag out and find another locker. I said could I just get my bag out real quick. His response was, Jesus Christ! I quickly took my bag and thanked him. Obviously, he was having a bad day. Then I was in Target heading to the register. Tons of people of course and a man pushing his cart between the register aisles was yelling at the person with him, I assume his wife. As he pulls up to the register the cashier says how are you, and he says fine. How are you doing? Just as nice as could be and I thought now why would you treat someone you love so horribly and then immediately treat someone you do not even know so nice. Being kind is a choice. We can always choose to be kind no matter how we are feeling. The next time you feel yourself agitated or any other state of unrest see if you can focus on kindness instead of being short with people. This might take a little practice, however one of the best things you can do to make this shift is to realize you were short with someone or unkind in some way and make amends. If you will not see them again, then acknowledge your behavior to yourself and use The Practice mentioned in #24. Even just the recognition to yourself will help you let go of the behavior over time. By making conscious recognition of this behavior or any behavior you want to change will eventually help you stop.

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