Short and Sweet #27 – Patience

A quote says, “Patience is a virtue”. To me patience is much more than a virtue; it is expresses kindness and love. Everyone benefits from patience; it keeps us from getting angry or upset, which can stress our body and nervous system. This behavior does not make the line move faster or change your circumstances. Patience keeps you centered and allows the moment to unfold. When we show patience to our family or any other person, we are expressing kindness and love. When we express patience during a particular circumstance then we are offering that kindness and love to everyone in our proximity and ourselves. Most people find it impossible to be kind once they lose their patience. I have experienced this before have you? When we say we are not a patient person then we are committed to being that way with no hope of change. I mentioned in yesterday’s post that kindness is a choice, well so is patience. If you believe yourself to be an impatient person then you must first decide that you no longer want to be impatient. This is always an important step toward change. Tomorrow we will talk about what happens next.

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