Short and Sweet #29 – The True-Self

We must recognize on our journey that we cannot have it both ways. We cannot keep things the way they are and unfold to our true self. There is only the way of the true self because when we try to live life from our past or some future vision we always end up suffering. In addition, we are never in the moment, which is where the true self lives. What is the true self? It is the soul unencumbered by our past or future thinking. It is the fullest expression of who we really are sound good. Anyone who has felt like there is more to life is being called by their soul to allow their truest-self to shine. Everyone has or will have this experience, however not everyone will take up its calling. I believe that this is our purpose here, to become this expression of love. Here is where the journey begins because we make a decision to step on the path of awakening and begin the process of letting go. For most of us, this is a journey not a single moment in which we become awakened. You cannot rush or control this process but you can be a willing participant. Once you offer your willingness, letting go becomes easier because suffering requires resistance.

2 thoughts on “Short and Sweet #29 – The True-Self

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