Short and Sweet #30 – The Personal Attack

Have you ever experienced a personal attack by family, friends or even someone you did not know? One reason for these attacks is that we are out of balance in our own lives. Our unstable life makes our energy field vulnerable to attack. What we fail to notice is that there is something wrong in our own lives. We point outside ourselves to what the problem is and overlook the real issue. This instability can also make us the attacker. These attacks do not come from our conscious awareness but are automatic responses to the patterns we carry and the imbalances in our energy field. When one person’s energy field senses the imbalances it sets things in motion to then manifest in the physical world to try to correct the imbalance. We do not see this because it is happening in the background of our awareness. By the time it manifest we are emotionally infested and defend what we believe to be right. We find ways to justify our actions without really understanding the real cause. The remedy for both is the same; we must explore the inner world of our lives and find the imbalance in our emotional state. To understand this we must first let go of what was said, stop pointing outside to someone else and recognize what we are feeling. Perhaps we have some fear or insecurity about our own lives. This takes rigorous honesty and if you are willing to look within you can bring things back into balance and the attacks will stop.

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