Short and Sweet #31 – I Don’t Like You

Yesterday I wrote about the personal attacker and how you can stop the attacks. Today let’s talk about when someone does not like you. How does it make you feel? We often let what others think about us change our very state of being. Why do you want to be a slave to hurt feelings? Do not let your peace depend on what others think, say or do. No matter how many people like you in life, there will always be someone who doesn’t. When we allow what another person says or does to change how we feel about ourselves or change the way our day goes, we have fallen victim to someone else’s pain and suffering. The attacker is lost and in denial of their pain. We must find a way through empathy to forgive and let go. We must understand that they are suffering; everyone at some point experiences suffering in life. Can you remember a time when you lashed out at someone who did not deserve it, because you were hurting? Finding your way to a balanced life means that you do not get over elated when you receive appreciation or upset when you don’t. You cannot control what other people say or do but you can control how you think about it. Yes, you may be hurt but you still can have a new understanding of why this person is lashing out at you and therefore find a new inner security that is unshakeable.

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