Short and Sweet #32 – Innocence

When we are born we were innocent, the proof is there every time we see a baby or a small child. We see the innocence but the memory of our own innocence is faint or gone. We often we wonder where did it go and how can we get it back. The world has a way of changing us at a certain age usually around seven. Life then begins a different phase as we traverse the days of our life. We forget about our innocence for a few years because we are too busy exploring the world, feeling our power and often abusing others or ourselves. Then we think that we have matured and things seem to have changed again. We are busy with life and things seem good at least most of the time. Many become stuck here, for many something happens, something that is remarkable often difficult but nonetheless powerful, a dark night of the soul. We awaken to a new space, it is not that we see our innocence again but we feel a deeper connection to spirit. A few will awaken to a new innocence but for most of us it is a process an ebb and flow between the false self and the unfoldment of the true self (see #29). It seems as though the loss of innocence is part of our journey. The question is does it return and the only answer is yes. The eternal life does not die but is reborn and as with all new birth and with birth innocence returns. So do not chase the past but fully embrace this moment and be open to being your true self.

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