Short and Sweet #34 – Trust

People talk about their belief in God and yet when things “seemingly” go wrong in their life they feel lost or abandoned by God. This is where trust becomes important. Do not confuse faith with trust; because trust is faith in action, you need both to end suffering. We often forget that God is in all things and we can learn from all our experiences. Exploring my body through bodywork has taught me many life lessons. One of the important lessons I have learned through this deep transformational work is trust. When trust is gone we feel fear, depression, even unloved and we suffer. When we keep up our faith, make a shift in our perception while moving forward in trust the answers come and healing can occur. When you think an experience is bad or negative suffering shows up. However, if you can remember that all experiences in life are opportunities to learn and grow from then your trust will blossom. God, The Universe, Divine Creator are all human labels for the same energy that created all things. Therefore, whatever your beliefs are or label you us, if you resonate with the energy of trust the answers show up and healing will happen.

2 thoughts on “Short and Sweet #34 – Trust

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