Short and Sweet #36 – Flexibility

Life is moving and changing constantly, have you noticed? No matter what we do in life to control how we look or what happens in our life, things change anyway. Once we recognize this fact and learn to have a flexible mind, we adapt with what is happening. Things become easier in this state of flow, because the mind of an awakened human being is flexible and adaptable. The mind of the ignorant person is conditioned and fixed. When we live in a conditioned and fixed way, suffering is guaranteed. However when we can flow with life by responding to what is happening instead of reacting to what is happening we move into the moment. Living this way requires letting go of old beliefs and social conditioning moment by moment as best we can. This is not always easy because we are not aware of all our conditioning. Start with being more flexible where you can and once you do more beliefs and conditioning will be revealed. This is not a quick fix but a soul-full change. If you are reading this then you probably have already started and if not, I assure you it is never too late to start.

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