Short and Sweet #37 – The Perceived Problem

It took me a long time, but eventually I concluded that there is no such thing as a problem. The beginning of a problem is thinking you have a problem. Have you ever noticed that no matter how bad things got or how difficult things were that when you got to the other side things were better than they were before the trouble came? Sometimes you even wondered why you did what you did because you can see clearly that it was a mistake to begin with, like maybe one of your old relationship. In other instances, you could not see it in the midst of it, but reflecting back you now see how your life is different or your thinking about life is different. As I began to experience this repeatedly as I was healing my body, I began to carry this attitude over into my daily life. Instead of thinking something was a problem I began to see each situation as an opportunity. This changed my experience completely. I am not saying things were not difficult or did not hurt but now I can move through difficulties with more ease and grace, learn the lessons quicker and avoid suffering. When your thoughts begin to tell you things are going wrong, stop them. Say OK things are not going the way I want but there is an opportunity here, help me find it and let go of any thought that does not support this intention. In every problem there is opportunity you just have to let go of the problem long enough to see it. The divine does not create problems, suffering or any other perceived negative thing in life, we do. Change your thoughts; change your life and that is how you begin to change the world.

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