Short and Sweet #38 – Revealing Your Divine Nature

Are you tired of getting in your own way yet? Do you realize that you do? This is a big one for so many of us. When we allow our thinking to change the course of our life, we have lost our way. We are no longer following our intuition or divine guidance. Changing your life is an inside job first, last and always. Stop placing blame on yourself and others and start making different choices. First, we need to acknowledge that there is something going on that needs to change. Sometimes that is all we need to heal and other times we need to go deeper. Setting an unbending intention and then take action is another way. Action is not always what we think it is, remember that thoughts propel things into motion energetically. By setting your intention, you are putting energy into motion and beginning to manifest your intention. The Practice in post #24 in another way, so is reframing your thoughts. This is simple; when you hear a thought that is not supportive of your intention change it by reframing it to something that does support your intention. These may not seem likely tools for great transformation but when done repeatedly over time they will manifest amazing changes, try them and see for yourself. Change does not have to be hard so reframe that thought every time it comes up. Remember things shift in their own time not ours, if you stop doing what you are doing to change then how can it ever happen. It will not, so do not ever give up, be gentle, steady and loving with yourself. Let the Universe do the heavy lifting for you. Because in the end, all these things you think you need to change are not part of your true self and these exercises are only to help you remember that so your Divine nature can shine.

2 thoughts on “Short and Sweet #38 – Revealing Your Divine Nature

  1. Yes, we are out own worst enemies when it comes to change.. we keep doing the same things over and over. We are afraid of change and success.


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