Short and Sweet #39 – True Freedom

What is true freedom to you? When I hear people talk of freedom it is often about financial, political or religious freedom. Does having freedom in one of these areas or even all of them really offer us true freedom? These freedoms are of the external world, they are not true freedoms because true freedom comes from within. Any outward freedom can be taken away at any time. True freedom only exists when we know with 100 percent certainty that it cannot be taken away. With this kind of freedom, we have total security and without security, we only think we have freedom. Have you ever heard of an external freedom being taken away from someone in our world today?  Of course you have, it has happened in many places and countries around the world. However, once you have true inner freedom then even if an outer freedom is taken away from you, you will know that you are still free. Would you like this kind of freedom?

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