Short and Sweet #41 – The Body

The body serves a greater purpose in our personal and spiritual development than we recognize. Over the last twenty-six years, I have explored the physical form through bodywork and experienced deep transformational change. For example, I stopped alcoholic drinking, experienced past lives, released emotional blocks and a myriad of other changes, not to mention the obvious physical changes. I am not saying that every form of bodywork/massage and practitioner will produce these results, however with the right technique and practitioner you can experience shifts on all levels. The body is a conduit, it processes and stores information in the form of energy for every experience we have, past and present. This information is stored in the tissue at a cellular level and effects how we interact with the world, just like the software running in the background on our phone or computer. This is why we will get in a situation and react to it based on history instead of responding in the moment appropriately. Like on a computer the information is outdated, corrupted or should have been deleted. In the body when the information is adulterated we can experience pain or the tissues become shortened and hard. Many do not even feel how much pain is in their body because they do not feel it on a conscious level. If you have ever had a massage you know what I am talking about because you experienced pain in parts of your body that you did not know existed until the practitioner touched the area. In the same way, we have all experienced becoming aware of a behavior that we wanted to stop or change in some way but without this awareness, we continue the behavior. When you begin to listen and work with the body at this level, transformation can occur without having to figure things out or understand why, you can just let go. If you want to understand something that means you have to hold on to it until you understand it. Would you rather figure it out or just let it go? Many times knowing is not helpful because it deals with some past issue that is not relevant to now. While putting your faith and trust (post #34) in the Divine you will find that when you need to know something it will be shown to you, otherwise you can just let go and stop worrying about trying to figure everything out.

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