Short and Sweet #42 – Dirty Windows

Let’s clear a few things up about change. When you think about change, do you think that something is wrong with you or that you need to fix something? I hope you did not assume that this is what I meant in my earlier posts. When we see ourselves as the True Self, nothing needs to be different or changed. However, we may not yet be able to know ourselves at this level because the false self is conditioned to see and believe things differently. For me change is more about letting go of these conditions that get in the way of seeing our True Self. Remember our thoughts, which are initiated by the false self, tell us we need to change, that we are not perfect. I know that you have heard a few of these over the years like you are lazy, too heavy, not good enough, too short, too tall or not smart enough. Once a thought like this comes in and we begin to believe it, we are stuck and this becomes our reality, this is not who you are. The only way to expose your True Self is by letting go and that is what I mean by change. Letting go is like cleaning the dirt from your windows after a rainstorm so you can see clearly again, you are not changing the glass just cleaning it. In the beginning this may be more challenging for you, however after doing some cleaning and getting more experience, things will lighten up. Even if you come across a very challenging dirty window, you will be better equipped to handle the cleaning job. Do not allow the dirt on the window to obscure your view of life. Uncover the True Self and recognize that you are part of the whole, I am that, you are that and that is all there is.


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