Short and Sweet #44 – The Ego

The ego is often talked about in a very negative way, like the acronym I learned years ago “Edging God Out”. Too often we feel things have no importance or are not useful, even body parts like the appendix. We feel confident that we know better than creation. I now know that everything and everyone has a purpose, we may not always see what that is in the moment; however that does not mean it does not exist. Of course the ego can edge God out if it is over inflated and self-correcting in the other direction can make it underinflated causing issues as well. All of life including ego works best when it is in balance. As we bring more awareness into our lives, we do not kill off the ego but we can begin to detach or let go from it like our thoughts during meditation. They are still there but they are no longer in control. We are spiritual beings having a human experience and being human requires ego. It gives us our self-worth, self-identity, self-importance, self-esteem all of which can create separation without awareness and lead to a greater identity with False Self. However, without the False Self we would not exist in human form. A sense of balance between the False Self and the True Self allow us to live at our highest potential here on earth. This will create the greatest harmony and balance in our lives, our body and with the planet. Recognize that you do not have to eliminate your ego but you do have to be aware of its energy and release or restore any imbalance.

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