Short and Sweet #46 – The Body Talks

Are you listening? Yes, the body actually talks to us and can tell us many things including how to live a better life. We hear some messages like when we are hungry or tired. These and many others abound if we only listen and get to know our body’s better. From my experience, the following are general statements, but for many people ring true. For instance, did you know that responsibility is held in the shoulder area? We hear this in our language; I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders. The liver carries anger; the kidneys fear, worry the spleen; grief and sadness the lungs. The right side of the body carries male energy and the left female. When you combine this information, it can be even more useful. For example, let’s say you have pain in the trapezius area of your right shoulder. You may feel or have felt overly responsible for a male figure in your life. Did you know that the throat area has to do with speaking your truth? Perhaps your neck pain is related to the fact that you have not been speaking your truth to someone. The body does talk to us and guides us on our spiritual path if we listen. It will teach you how to live your life with more ease and grace. Once you delve even deeper into the body with bodywork, energy work and other modalities that work at a deeper transformational level then you can let go of old energetic patterns. Releasing at this level will allow you to change behaviors, let go of old beliefs and other energies that no longer serve you. Begin to see your body as something more than just a vehicle for your human enjoyment because often it will rebel if you are not listening to its guidance and the less you listen the louder it talks.

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