Short and Sweet #47 – Risk

When we hear the word risk, most of us think about our job or financial security. We often hear that to get ahead in life we have to take risks. Well this is not the only area in life to take risks and frankly, for me, risking in the material world is very superficial compared to taking inner risk. What is inner risk? It is following your soul’s guidance, that feeling that life has something more to offer or that you want to know God more intimately. This will require you to let go of any fear, anger and other emotions that you have stored away. Sometimes it requires risking what other people may think of you or say about you. It definitely requires not listening to what your head is telling you most of the time. By following your true Divine guidance, you can know without a doubt that the payoff will be far greater than any rewards of the material world. Taking inner risks is letting go of all those things that get in the way of you seeing your True Self; it creates space for a greater understanding and connection to the Divine. I receive bodywork with a metal tool called the Acuforce. To some this might seem crazy or too painful, yet I know that any emotions that come up like fear are buried in my body. They are old and no longer useful, therefore when I am able to face these emotions and take the risk to let go, without giving into them I receive countless benefits. Moreover, letting go at this deep level allows me to grow emotionally and spiritually. Risking in life can bring great rewards in the material world, but without inner risk, those rewards will not be satisfying long-term and will be lost in our unhappiness and disappointment because they will not fulfill what the soul seeks. When the inner life is in balance then the enjoyment of the material world becomes a much richer experience.

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