Short and Sweet #49 – Resistance

When we resist we contravene the laws of creation, energy and God. Take that in and recognize the truth in it, because it can change everything for you. In addition, know that when you are resisting that the ego (see#44) has taken control and is leading you astray. Resistance says to the Divine that you do not believe that what is happening is right and perfect just the way it is. All your faith and trust in a higher power is gone, because with it you have no fear and no reason to resist the natural order of creation. Remember whatever you resist, will persist and intensify. As I mentioned in post #48 about pain, we have a distorted view of what is happening and if we change our perspective and attitude, our experience will change. We may be resisting because we think there is a problem coming and if we resist, then the problem will not happen or in the case of pain we think we will experience less pain by resisting. This type of thinking never works because we are acting against creation, not with it. You must remember always that we are never given more than we can handle.  We have become conditioned to resists many things in life so it takes awareness, courage, trust, faith and commitment to let it go. However, I believe that if you look back at your life, you will see times when you finally let go of your resistance and things turned out better than you expected. Remember these times when you find yourself in a difficult situation and you are resisting. Trust the Divine to create a better life for you than you could for yourself. Know that you are always safe and do not let your fear keep you in resistance but allow your faith to let you release your resistance into something greater than yourself, our collective creative consciousness that we call God.

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