Short and Sweet #51 – Non-Duality

We often see the world through the eyes of duality. For example, right/wrong, good/evil, pretty/ugly, intelligent/stupid. Seeing the world like this leads to judgment and separation. We experience the best that life has to offer when we experience it through relationship. When we are in relationship with life, we stop seeing the world from duality and we recognize that creation is not mutually exclusive. We need the dualistic mind to live our everyday life and to do our jobs, however when talking about the True Self and inner exploration it falls short of understanding the deeper meaning and truths of life. In reality we cannot be in the dualistic mind when offering kindness, compassion or true love because the False Self will always have an agenda. If we are truly being honest and aware then we will see that the False Self is looking for what it can get from the other person in these situations. Once we begin to see the world through the eyes of non-duality, judgment and separation disappear. The True Self shines and we only want the highest good for all involved. When we offer kindness, compassion and love from this place, real healing occurs with ease and grace. We are now fulfilling our purpose by being a true expression of the Divine in human form.

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