Short and Sweet #52 – Concordance

If the planet is to survive, then we must find a way to live in concordance with everyone and everything. Concordance is congruity of parts with one another and with the whole. Can we awaken to this truth and realize that we must find harmony within ourselves first? I believe that we can because many have and many more are on this path. However, many still struggle with this soulful calling and continue to see the world through the eyes of duality (post#51). In duality, we only see our way to rightness, so agreement becomes impossible. Just look at our government and around the world to see this in action. If you do see this happening then you are awakening so remember that everything is made of energy and when you shift your energy, everything changes. When we are in concordance with our body, mind, nature and our soul, then our lives and our energy will have a greater impact. I am reminded of the 12-steps phrase “one day at a time”. We can only see from where we are now and do our best from this place, one day at a time. So be kind and loving to yourself and remember that you are not alone on this journey and we need you.


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