Short and Sweet #55 – Challenge

Challenge has purpose in our lives and when we rise up to our challenges then we become more conscious and empowered. On the other hand, if we are living an unconscious life these challenges will make us even more unconscious and leave us feeling less alive. Our challenges never conquer us because we our never conquered by anything that happens to us from the outside. It is only when we resign ourselves internally that we are defeated and we fall deeper into unconsciousness. Recognize that challenge brings opportunity, an opportunity to live a fuller more meaningful life. When we resist our challenges then we become overwhelmed, we suffer and can become exhausted. However when you look back at past challenges in your life, I am sure you will see that once the challenge was over, it changed you for the better. (If not, then you are still in resistance to what is.) This insight can bring about a change in perspective, which will lead to a change in your experience. The next time that you are faced with a challenge remember those times, and know that with every challenge life brings us a gift. Begin looking for this gift as soon as you can because this shift will allow you to move through your challenge with more ease and grace. It does not mean that you will not suffer or feel pain but what it does guarantee is that you will release your pain and suffering sooner and sometimes you will not have to experience it. We often forget who we are in the midst of a challenge. We are overcome by fear, feeling overwhelmed and thinking things will never be the same, and we lose touch with our faith and the Divine. Well I hate to be the one to tell you but things are changing all the time, however most of the time we do not see or feel it because it happen so gradually and below the conscious level. When faced with challenge, we are slapped upside the head with change and it is in the forefront of our consciousness, it is easily seen, felt and experienced. It is important to make this shift in perspective because as you develop your awareness you will notice change more often and this will help you navigate through the natural flow of life more easily. You will be less attached to outcome and more connected to the moment, this will strengthen your connection to the Divine, and challenge will no longer be your enemy but a tool for transformation.

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