Short and Sweet #57 – Letting Go an Explanation

Letting go is a process to begin awakening, it involves the use of awareness to identify any behavior, emotion or belief that no longer serves us or does not support our True Self. This is extremely important; you do not need to figure things out to let them go. In fact, the desire to figure something out means that you have to hold on to it until you figure it out. This wanting to know or understand will either stop the process completely or slow it way down. Logical thinking will not be able to figure out most of the things you want to let go. Therefore, you will be stuck where you are unless you release your desire to understand. I always ask my clients what is more important to them to figure it out or just let it go. How would you answer? I have found in every case that if you need to know something, you will, without exception. These messages will come to you through a thought, vision, memory and sometimes even a past life memory. However, as I mentioned this seldom happens because for most people knowing does not help them let go. For further explanation and comparison to change, see #42 Dirty Windows.

2 thoughts on “Short and Sweet #57 – Letting Go an Explanation

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    What resonates so loudly for me here is that one point; by trying to figure out why something happened, you are tethering yourself to the situation or idea. You can’t let go if you’re tethered, anchored, or attached to an idea, relationship, place or person. It’s not always important that we have a reason to let go. I think it’s only important than when we must, we simply do.


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