Short and Sweet #58 – Coasting

We often think that if we just keep things the way they are everything will be OK this is called coasting. We have a place we like called the comfort zone and anything outside of this zone makes us feel uneasy. What I have noticed in my life is that staying in the comfort zone for too long will ultimately be even more uncomfortable than stepping outside it. We do not usually feel this happening because it sneaks up on us so slowly that we do not notice it. I often compare this to the brakes on the car. Most people do not realize their brakes are bad until they start squeaking. Once they are fixed, we realized that they were not working right for a long time before they started squeaking. Life is like that too we think things are just perfect the way they are, why rock the boat by doing something different. Yet if we foster our awareness, we can let go of our illusion of control before things start squeaking and we have to endure unnecessary suffering and discomfort.
When we resist our intuition and Soul guidance to keep letting go (see #42, #57) and growing the Divine will send us messages. These messages can be soft and gentle in the beginning but if we continue to resist they become louder. The reason for this is that life is not meant to be stagnant; it is constantly evolving and since we are a part of this living, breathing creation of the Divine, we absolutely need to keep letting go. It is as much a part of life as your heart beating or the Sun shining even when we cannot see it behind the clouds. Coasting in life gets you know where, which is why we wake up one day and wonder how we ended up where we are or having regrets instead of co-creating our destination with the Divine. If you find yourself coasting then I suggest that you step out and be of service to others. Stepping outside your comfort zone and embracing your Divine nature to let go and evolve will allow you to blossom and fulfill your Divine purpose. Remember, coasting is only a stop on the journey when needed with awareness it is not a destination.

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