Short and Sweet #60 – Soul vs. Ego

The soul is the balance point and bridge between spirit and matter. Without this balance point, we would be unable to function in our human experience because we would be mired in matter or transcend into spirit. As we look back at our past actions individually and collectively, we can see that when we spend too much time in the intellect we open the door for the ego to take charge. Once this transition in HEADship takes place then we become lost. We spend our time seeking power, control, material wealth and other dishonorable pursuits like war. The intellect can never fully understand the Divine for if it could we would not need faith. When we are connected to Soul guidance, we are able to offer compassion and empathy; love becomes the foundation for our actions. It is true that we need the intellect as part of our human experience, so it and ego have a purpose as everything does in the universe. They should be a part of the human experience but never our foundation and they certainly should never have the final say from where we act. When making a decision or choice ask yourself why you are making it, are you acting from ego; are you spending too much time intellectualizing over your decision or can you drop down into your heart and ask spirit for direction. Is your choice coming from a loving place for yourself, others and the planet or is it driven only by the intellect and ego. Being aware and awake enough to see this distinction will change the direction of your life.


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