Short and Sweet #61 – Changing Course

Looking back on my life I can see the craziness of it all, guided by my conditioning to seek happiness and love through relationships, material things and money, not to mention all the other things that I thought would bring me contentment and security. Have you experienced this like me? I realized that what we all seek is already within us. It has taken me years to see this truth and to stop looking in the wrong places. Moving forward with this truth and knowing that no matter what happens in life has divine purpose helped me to begin letting go of my conditioning. When looking at your own life, can you see how the Divine has guided you through the vicissitudes of life? Once we start looking for the opportunity in each situation, we can begin to let go and our level of awareness becomes heightened. In addition, we can mitigate our suffering and perhaps even stop it. We must once again put our faith in God and see that the Divine is helping us to remember who we are through these experiences. We must know that in and of ourselves, we will never feel we are enough; this is part of the human condition when left alone. It is only by knowing and experiencing our True Self that we can release this conditioning and be at one with Divinity. This increases our awareness to our Soul connection and leads to a more balanced life between spirit and matter.

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