Short and Sweet #62 – I Already Know That

Sometimes we hear higher teachings so often that we just nod in agreement without putting them into practice. For instance, “it is important to lead a balanced life”, we would probably agree with this statement, but do we really practice it in our lives. This is just one example of many things that we could do that would make our lives more meaningful. Still we do not do them even though they would help. We resist the very things that could bring more peace to our lives and a deeper connection to the Divine. Have you ever asked yourself why?

When we do not take action on these higher truths, we miss opportunities that could radically shift our experience and our lives forever. The next time you hear something that you feel you know or agree with, make sure you question with awareness whether you have actually investigated it thoroughly or put it into practice. Pay attention each time you find yourself nodding in agreement with higher teachings.

Sometimes we never start a new practice because of our busy lives. We even stop helpful practices without ever knowing why. Self-inquiry can bring a greater sense of awareness into your life and help you uncover the subconscious programming that we all experience. I will talk more about subconscious programming in #63.

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