Short and Sweet #63 – Subconscious Programming

I mentioned in post 16 about the energetic patterns that are stored in the body. These subconscious programs keep us stuck in life and off course. They execute in the background just like the software on your computer and can influence your choices and reactions in life. Have you ever reacted to someone’s actions or words, only later realizing that your behavior was out of the ordinary? Their words or actions initiated the old program and your behavior played out based on that programming rather than you responding appropriately in the moment. It is like a message on your voicemail that plays the same message repeatedly. Maybe you stormed off in anger leaving the other person wondering what just happened. With programming, we often do not notice our behavior until after the fact and sometimes it requires someone else to point it out because we cannot see it. Once awareness of the behavior is present, the door of opportunity opens. We must be aware of what we want to let go before we can, otherwise the behavior will continue to keep replaying when triggered. We may think that we have to figure these patterns out on an emotional or logical level to let them go. However, remember that everything is energy in the universe so transformation can take place without knowing. If we have to figure it out then we have to hold onto it until we do.

Awareness is the key to start transformation and intention is one of the energy tools to begin the letting go process. You may add other tools that you have found useful in the past or new ones like those I mentioned in post 19 to supercharge the process. This is so simple that your mind and logic will tell you that it cannot work; that it has to be more complicated, but really all that has to happen in a shift in energy. This can happen instantly or need continued practice because sometimes other programs have to be addressed before we can release the primary program. Therefore, be patient stay aware and notice what else is happening. As you go through this process, notice what is different instead of always focusing on what is wrong. Other programs may start bringing up thoughts, emotions or pain to get you to stop. We must stay aware and attentive to our original intention to complete the process. You cannot fail, unless you let your programming take control.

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