Short and Sweet #65 –Does Bad News…

Does bad news ruin your day? You do not have to be dragged down by someone else’s troubles, not your friend’s, family’s or the world’s. You can develop yourself to be unaffected by it. This does not make you uncaring or selfish. In fact, when you are unaffected you stay centered, in your power and you are able to offer greater support, compassion, empathy and love to those in need. I have shared this before but something so simple is often overlooked. The mind wants to make it harder, more complex and if you buy into that then off you go without ever trying. We must pay more attention to what our thoughts are telling us because most of the time it is useless, degrading or a lie. The mind should be used when needed and then the thoughts released, instead we listen to its incessant talking and often end up following its misguided directions.

OK here it is simplicity at its best; each time you here bad news and it makes you sad, angry, anxious or out of your centered and peaceful place then I want you to say to yourself I AM SORRY, PLEASE FORGIVE ME repeatedly until you come back to your center. Do this so often that you find yourself saying it even when things are OK and maybe your head is rambling on about something that you just do not need to listen to anymore and incidentally that is most of the time. Make this your mantra and fill your day with it except when you need to engage your mind for some useful purpose. Be careful because this is so simple that it might just change your life. Do you have the courage to try it for one day, maybe two, how about thirty? Well it is entirely up to you because you are the only one who can make the choice to stop letting bad news ruin your day. This has worked for me and I think it will work for you but only if you are willing to create an intention, commit and then as the tag line says, Just Do It.

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