Short and Sweet #66 – Simplicity

There is simplicity in truth and the more we simplify our lives the more room there is for balance, joy and peace. These days we tend to lose sight of simplicity and our lives are scheduled up to the brim with what has to be done. However if we are truly honest with ourselves about our schedules we can see that most of what we think we have to do is not critical to our happiness or survival. Parents are worried that their children will not get into the right preschool or grade school. Activities are over scheduled so much so that they do not have time to go outside and play, to be in nature and just be kids. Many adults are in the same place thinking that each moment of their day has to be filled with something to do. We are on the go so much that to sit and meditate is uncomfortable and we get bored.

Losing simplicity in our lives is causing a spiritual disconnection and when coupled with our loss of wonder in the miracle of life we abuse our body and in the name of profit and progress, we continue to abuse the planet. Without establishing a deeper connection in our hearts with all that we see and once again looking at the world with wonder and amazement as a child does, we will feel lost; we will be lost. Because all things in life that have importance, beauty and value are simple; and the simplest of all things is divine truth.

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