Short and Sweet #67 – Discrimination

The big events in life are easy for us to see and even though larger events can sometimes be more difficult to deal with, they leave us with somewhere to point. For instance, living with severe back pain for years and then being told that I would live in pain the rest of my life were big events for me. These were difficult times but I remember them distinctly and can point to their contribution to my life. What we seldom remember are all the little choices we make each day. These so-called little choices often have a huge impact on where we will end up in life and what we will experience as we age. For instance, many of us fall into patterns with our diet, having lost our intuitive connection to the body we eat foods that it does not want or need. Over time, this can cause dis-ease or disease in the body. Where else in your life can you see the impact of little choices? Until we learn to be more discriminating in our choices, we will end up somewhere down the road in an unintended place. Becoming more conscious in our choices daily and using discrimination will lead to a better life on all levels. It is up to each one of us to decide this for ourselves. Can you commit to picking one area of your life that feels out of balance and use discrimination? If you can, I guarantee the direction of your life will change.


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